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Bug#522638: Switch to ITP.

Hi Lisandro

Sorry for the delay but I was on winter vacation (without a real inet conection).

I still have a lot of interest for maintaing this package. I have a github fork at  https://github.com/eferro/docsis  with the some patches and the initial debian files. At this point I use the old debian files that I had from the previous version, and my intention is to upgrade this debian files (now this files was used to compile a ubuntu feisty 7.04 deb package, so they are "old fashioned")

Of course, I would glady be part of the "team"

Best Regards
        Eduardo Ferro

2011/12/30 Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer <perezmeyer@gmail.com>
retitle 522638 [ITP] docsis -- Encode/Decode DOCSIS configuration files

While the software seems almost dead upstream, it's still valuable and
working for some friends who run a Debian-based ISP, so I guess it
would be nice to have this tool right in Debian.

Eduardo: I've seen that you filled the original ITP on this package,
but got renamed to RFP. Are you still in need of this app? Are you still
interested in maintaining it? I would gladly maintain this in a team-basis.

P.S.: I am supossed to be on VAC until January 8th and that stills applies,
although I may get some internet connection from time to time ;)

Kinds regards, Lisandro.

Hasta otra!!!
    Eduardo Ferro Aldama
    Alea Soluciones

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