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Bug#113641: ITP: re2c -- Tool for generating fast C-based recognizers

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : re2c
  Version         : 0.9.1
  Upstream Author : Peter Bumbulis, Brian Young
* URL             : http://www.tildeslash.org/re2c/index.html
* License         : Public Domain
  Description     : Tool for generating fast C-based recognizers

re2c is a great tool for writing fast and flexible lexers. Unlike
other such tools, re2c concentrates solely on generating efficient
code for matching regular expressions. Not only does this singleness
make re2c more suitable for a wider variety of applications, it
allows us to generate scanners which approach hand-crafted ones in
terms of size and speed.

re2c is distributed with no warranty whatever.  The code is certain to
contain errors.  Neither the author nor any contributor takes
responsibility for any consequences of its use.

re2c is in the public domain.  The data structures and algorithms used
in re2c are all either taken from documents available to the general
public or are inventions of the author.  Programs generated by re2c may
be distributed freely.  re2c itself may be distributed freely, in source
or binary, unchanged or modified.  Distributors may charge whatever fees
they can obtain for re2c.

If you do make use of re2c, or incorporate it into a larger project an
acknowledgement somewhere (documentation, research report, etc.) would
be appreciated.


Daniel Bungert | www.personal.psu.edu/drb210

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