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Bug#112118: ITP: python-visual -- A Python library for 3d visualization

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Visual is a library for 3D scientific visualization. It allows rapid
development of programs in Python, but is itself written in C++ for speed. 
It currently supports various colored geometrical primitives (texture 
support is being added). It was developed for use by a Carnegie-Mellon 
University honors first-year physics course.

It is copyrighted under the Python license, and you can get it from
http://vpython.sourceforge.net by CVS.

Preliminary debs will be available from:
deb[-src] ftp://debian.res.cmu.edu/new-packages/ ./

In addition, a second binary package called 'python-visual-demos' will
be available containing Python demonstration programs.

;; Matthew Danish                         email: mdanish@andrew.cmu.edu ;;
;; OpenPGP public key available from:        'finger mrd@db.debian.org' ;;

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