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Re: Bug#111068: debbugs: per-package tags

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 07:43:47PM +0100, Edward Betts wrote:
> > Per-package tags would be useful for some things.  The one that
> > triggered this idea is:
> > 
> > outdated	New version is available
> How does this have to be per-package tagging, just have a bug filed against
> each package that is out dated with the outdated tag.

I thought of that.  But when one such bug tagged "outdated" has been
reported, it does not make much sense to have a second one - they should be
merged.  "outdated" is more a state of the package than a tag that could be
applied to several bugreports.

Although it would be (implementation-wise) easier to implement right now as
a bug-level tag, I don't think it would be right to keep it as such very long.

But well, what's important right now is to have the info available, we can
convert when/if we get a better way of keeping it.

> We could add other tags to describe common bug reports, things like
> missing-man-page or does-not-build-on-hppa. This would make it easier to
> extract from the BTS a list of packages that are missing a man page or do not
> build on hppa.

Yes.  missing-man-page would be nice.  does-not-build-on-hppa may be too
restrictive, however.  Maybe missing-arch instead or such ?

But those are classical bug-level tags.  Another idea for a pkg-level tag
would be "orphaned", and other wnpp-related stuff (some would need more
info, like "ita: john@doe.net").  That would allow to have the wnpp info on
the bugs.d.o page, making it more informative, and the wnpp data would
probably be in a (structurally speaking) better place - and nothing would
prevent a specific cgi that would collate the info we currently get from
bugs.d.o/wnpp.  [Note: well, RFPs would not fit in there, obviously.  But
you get the idea.]

So no, I don't have a killer application for pkg-level tags yet, but well.

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