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RE: Where is the mailing list archive?

Hello Jimen,

At 21:12 +0100 11/8/01, Ching, Jimen wrote:
>>At 6:12 +0100 11/8/01, Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller wrote:
>>>I can't find it.
>> http://db.geocrawler.com/lists/3/Debian-Linux and then "win32"
>Is there a reason why the archive is here?
I don't known.
Maybe can the people at debian-www@lists.d.o tell the historic reason.

>If Debian is willing to host the mailing list, it is odd for them
>to refuse to host the archive too.  Having to go to another host
>for the archive is unintuitive for a new contributor.
You are right, so I checked http://lists.debian.org/completeindex.html
I was suprised to see that there is an archive since this month
 ( http://lists.debian.org/debian-win32/2001/debian-win32-200111/ )

>Is there any plans to move it?
Another polite question/request to debian-www@l.d.o.

IMHO this year ( 2001 ) will be enough.

1999 and 2001 together are only 116 messages,
OTH these should also in the scoop of the debian search engine.

Kind Regards, Geert Stappers
The Future is now, be part of it.

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