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Re: Ending votes early

On Monday, May 12, 2003, at 06:52 PM, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

Hi folks,

	After re-reading the draft (prompted by Branden on IRC), I
 think I don't know how to define "when the vote is no longer in
 doubt", since people can always revote.

Well, the current draft says "In this context, we ignore the possibility that people might want to change their vote."

	Say, with 1000 voters, on day 1, 800 people voted option A
 over option B,

According to the current draft, the vote can be closed at this point.

	I suggest we strike the clause about the secretary's ability
 to end votes early.

We already have a way to make votes go quickly (the Project Leader can make it last one week, also in section 3) so that's probably a good idea.

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