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Part-time Real Estate Local Agent Needed.

Good day,

We are a multiregional real estate firm with wide experience in reselling,
exchanging, buying out and legal counselling assistance all over the USA. 

At this stage our business is extending its influence in the United States
and we are going to hire reliable and dynamic people who are eager to join a
major multinational real property firm.

We believe that you would be a valuable addition to our company's personnel
and that?s why we would like to offer you a chance to become a local agent
for our business. 

Our business is engaged in:
- Changing and renting of industrial, merchandising  and residential estate
- Buying and selling of both industrial and living realty;
- Completing immovable property related papers and law assistance of real
- Full range of assessment assistance;
- Urgent purchase of realty all over the world.
Your monthly wage will be $4,000 a month with a fixed commission rate on
every successfully completed contract. You will be assigned to an personal
coach for the first month of your stipendiary apprenticeship. Moreover, you
will be provided a qualifying testimonial once you successfully finish your
probation period.

This is a regional job offer and you will represent the organization?s
interests in your local area.

Please notify me if you think to move forward with our hiring process by
responding to jack@estatepositions.com and we will send you additional
details and some indispensable paperwork in 48 hours.

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