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Singapore Taxation (19 April 2012)

Budget 2012 Summary, Tax Changes, Emerging Issues and Impact on Business

Thursday, 19th April 2012 | 9:00am-5:00pm | Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala

With one of the lowest corporate tax rate (17%) in Asia, Singapore has an
attractive and easy to understand tax regime which makes it a conducive
location for doing business in Asia.  In fact, tax policies, flourished
with an abundance of tax incentives and concessions, has always been used
a key driver in promoting economic growth in Singapore, making it home to
many headquarters of major MNCs and financial institutions from around the

Adopting a semi-territorial basis of taxation, Singapore only taxes
foreign sourced income which is remitted to Singapore.  Further, Singapore
has almost all the elements that make it attractive as a holding company
location.  Specifically, it does not tax capital gain and also offers both
automatic and discretionary exemption on foreign sourced dividend income.
Needless to say, having a wide tax treaty network with over 60 agreements
signed easily makes Singapore the preferred choice for holding strategic

Leading experts, Teo Wee Hwee, Partner, Tax Financial Services and Paul
Griffiths, Director, Transfer Pricing and Value Chain Transformation
Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers Services LLP will keep you abreast of
the recent Singapore tax developments and will provide practical tax
planning insights.

Singapore Budget 2012 Summary
Upcoming Tax Changes
	-	Corporate Tax
	-	Personal Tax
	-	Indirect tax and other changes
	-	Other new rules & tax measures 
	-	Practical Implications / Case Studies
Tax Administration & Compliance 
	-	Current trends and issues to be aware of 
Transfer Pricing Update in Singapore
	-	Regulatory changes & developments 
	-	Transfer Pricing Administration and Audits 
	-	Transactional issues
Tax Planning Tips & Techniques 
	-	Practical solutions 
	-	Case Studies
Singapore as an entrepreneur location for a Value Chain Transformation

Get a copy of the brochure now, please call us at (603) 78032514 or email
to layna.francisco@fortressintelligence.com.sg. Register early and get a
discount! We look forward to having you join us in this event. Thank you. 

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