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"Unable to connect" wrong IP address in OpenMPI of Squeeze

I don't know whether this is a bug or my setting problem.
So I want to check this before reporting bug.

This is the error message from mpirun

[[22878,1],3][../../../../../../ompi/mca/btl/tcp/btl_tcp_endpoint.c:589:mca_btl_tcp_endpoint_start_connect] from ray003 to: gamma00 Unable to connect to the peer on port 4: Network is unreachable

gamma00 has several different IP address with virtual interfaces.
eth2   =  - MPI network
eth2:0  =
eth2:1 =

Since ray003 is in network, they should connect gamma00 using
I also specified it in /etc/hosts in ray003.

This is an new thing for Squeeze, The same configuration was working with Lenny.

Another thing I found was that it didn't recognize the default host file at /etc/openmpi/openmpi-default-hostfile
It worked after I manually added the line
   orte_default_hostfile = /etc/openmpi/openmpi-default-hostfile
in the /etc/openmpi/openmpi-mca-params.conf

Is there anybody have an answer for these?

Sam Park.

-------------- Innovation for the Future Radiation Oncology  (http://rophys.meds.case.edu)

(Samuel) Byeongjun Park, Ph.D.  -- Research associate of Sohn Lab.

Case Western Reserve Univerisity, School of Medicine

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