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eSA2 - To Automate and Boost Your Sales (Made in Hong Kong)

Title: Boost Your Sales by e-SA2 .KenMac Technology Limited
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KenMac Technology Ltd.

To survive in business, we need a cost effective tool to spot the market potentials by gathering useful information in real-time.

e-SA2 (Sales Acceleration & Automation) is your choice!!!

  • NO hardware and software expenses
  • SAVE cost on system testing and maintenance
  • Multiple language & Multiple version for meeting different business philosophy

e-SA2 enhances
cooperation between you and your customers, provides an effective channel for mutual interaction.

e-SA2 provides...
informative and professional reports. Management can retrieve real time data at ease.

e-SA2 accelerates
your sales from head to tail and auotmates every aid to assist in the sales cycle.

e-SA2 is web-based
local companies could setup their sales teams overseas, execute the sales force without the constraints of region and time-zone.

e-SA2 can be rented
eliminates the risks of internal system development in terms of the time and costs for user requirement study, testing, modification, implementation and maintenance.

Other key features:

  • Data interchanged with Microsoft Office
  • Sales and service activities are guided and monitored, providing quality service to customers as well as strengthening the sales force
  • and more...


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