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[News] Dabber Newsletter - March 2009

Title: Dabber Newsletter
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New collaboration with Berns Salonger

We are very proud to present a new collaboration

Dabber has started collaboration with Berns Salonger, a critically acclaimed famous Swedish landmark and nightclub in the heart of Stockholm. The nightclub has a vast amount of films, from art, to fashion from concerts, seminars and stand-up

We have focused on developing ways to present films both as documentation of memorable nights but also as a preview and taster of what is coming. The present times calls for smart, cost effective and innovative ways to connect with the audience. We focused on implementing the player without changing the webpage or the internal structures, but at the same time intensifying the look of the page and the communication with the viewer.

We use our experience and knowledge as the glue between ideas and all the great video-related applications and services out there. Some of our clients are looking for the 'wow-factor', while others need to start implementing video in their business while others need our different approach to take the step from idea to an well-visited website. Whatever the need, Dabber is ready to take you from static to stunning !

Visit the web site Berns Salonger Nightlife: here Example player

About us

Dabber is an Internet start-up, focused on helping you change the way you communicate with online video. It´s not just about technology - it´s also about how you film, what you film, and how you present it. The old days of flat communication are about to change. We move towards depth, interaction, coolness and simplicity.

We offer a wide range of online video solutions that are innovative, affordable and tailored to fit your specific needs - from video management platforms and CDN hosting, content & concept production to intuitive 3D video players. With a background in the contemporary art scene as well as in web development, we combine the latest in technology with an understanding of what makes good content.

Visit our web site: www.dabber.tv

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For questions regarding pricing, details & other information about us and our services, please contact Daniel Daboczy:

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