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Inmate Family Assistance Invitation


Inmate Family Assistance


You are cordially invited to join the new service providing benefits to friends and family members of inmates.  Inmate Family Assistance at www.fencedout.com is working diligently to reduce your cost of living by providing discounted products and services.  There is no fee.  We now have forums and blogs, and provide a free monthly newsletter.  We are still growing and are looking for more services but you can now receive up to 10% discounts at hotels and for rental cars, something many of us need when visiting our loved ones in prison.  In addition we have added "Chuck's Corner" which provides us with insight into some of the issues we face in this stressful situation.

Sign up below or visit www.fencedout.com to receive the next issue of the Free IFA monthly newsletters and be notified of new services.  It is absolutely free and we will never sell or share your information with others.  




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