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You have a Visor, not a Palm

Try changing your first rule to:

# Rule needed to create the "pilot" device
BUS=="usb", SYSFS{product}=="Palm Handheld*|Visor", KERNEL=="ttyUSB[013579]", SYMLINK+="pilot", MODE=="0666", GROUP=="users"

Your rule above would work for a device that identifies itself as a 'Palm Handheld', but the Handspring Visor has a different name, and therefore doesn;t kick off the rule. The SYSFS{product}==... expression should match on the 'idProduct' string from the relevant stanza of the 'lsusb -v' output. Push the hotsync button on the visor, and then run 'lsusb -v |less' before it times out to see what actually connects. Then make sure the udev rule matches the right stuff.

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