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Re: Debian Newbie: Postfix & cyrus-imapd question HELP PLEASE

Quoting James Marcinek <jmarc1@jemconsult.biz>:

> My bad, my reply didn't send to the list, but to you. Just wanted to let
> you
> know that document really did the trick!
> Thanks,
> James
> Roberto Sanchez &lt;roberto@familiasanchez.net&gt; wrote: 
> > Taking this back on list.  Please note, that is not useful to anyone else
> if
> > you don't keep the replies on the list.  Any additional information or
> > solutions will not be archived at all.  Additionally, it is considered
> > impolite to reply off-list with what amounts to an invloved tech support
> > request without prior coordination of some sort.
> > 

No problem.  You may want to make sure to reply-all or reply-list (most decent
MUAs support this).  Although, it is typically considered bad list etiquette
to CC the person unless they specifically request it (e.g., by stating in
their mail or placing a statement to that effect in their sig).

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Debian :-)


Roberto Sanchez

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