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FW: Installation at Premiere

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> From: 	Cherri L. Klueck  
> Sent:	Friday, December 05, 2003 8:46 AM
> To:	Dean Angelico; Joe Winograd
> Cc:	Lara Brown; Sreelal Chandrasenan; Hy Khuu; James Baggerly
> Subject:	Installation at Premiere
> The installation at Premiere yesterday went very well.  The customer thought the interface was great - his immediate reaction was "This is so easy now, I can pass it off to duplication and have them do it".  We talked through the issues of copy control (ECC).  The test that we did with him using his sound files from his computer went smoothly and there were no artifacts or issues with the final product at all.  Steven (the customer) was very impressed with how easy the whole process is now.  He loves the way the tray pops out when it's done so he doesn't have to keep checking on it.  He likes that he doesn't have to type - that everything is selectable from the drop-downs.  His only suggestions yesterday were to have multiple screens so he can enter data for up to 99 tracks if needed.  He asked that we make the buttons hot when they light up so he can just hit enter to select them.  He definitely does not want the embedded files overwritten each time.  He asked that we rename the file with the Promo ID Code when it is saved.  He needs to keep the files accessible for a few weeks. 
> I believe he was very pleased with the install (James was able to hook him up to use a switch so he didn't have to have two monitors - and he was very happy with the system).  
> The plan is to create the files in parallel next week - once on the BERN (and yes, he did mention that people would think we couldn't spell by calling it this) and once on the software.  He'll submit the software embedded ones to the normal process and circulate the BERN ones for QA from various people within Premiere.  He'll also send us a copy of the disks.  Once these files make it through the approval process, he will plan to use BERN for future programs.
> We did discover that he is taking sound designer 2 files from the mac and converting them to wav and burning a disk using a Mac prior to bringing the files into the embedder - don't know if this multiple conversion process may be contributing to the copy control issues we're seeing on the disks we got from them.  He's using Toast to burn the disk.
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