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FW: WLAN Implementation And Network Management

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Subject: WLAN Implementation And Network Management

Dear Colleague,

Wireless LANs (WLANs) are gaining significantly in popularity and being deployed at a rapid rate. The beauty of WLANs is that they are very scalable and there is a low cost of entry. But as WLANs penetrate further into enterprise deployments, enterprises must devise standards around WLAN management.

If you're interested in proactive management of your WLAN, looking to integrate your wireless network (APs) and mobile devices into a single system to get the lowest TCO, highest performance and security, or if you're wondering if your current software architecture is flexible enough to adapt and scale with the dynamic nature of wireless networks, then watch this Webcast presentation, which focuses on the best practices in WLAN Management. View now!

Join your host, Eric Hermelee, Vice President of Product Marketing at Wavelink Corporation, as he discusses WLAN Management with Gartner Group's Research Directors, Bill Clark and John Girard. These experts will provide strategic information on managing WLAN infrastructure, including how to:

> Cut the cost and time required for support
> Maximize your network's performance and reliability
> Enforce security policies across the entire organization
> Provide flexibility for planned or unplanned multi-vendor realities
> Tie WLAN management into other ENMS systems

By taking the best practices found in this Webcast you will be able to manage the effectiveness of your WLAN and reduce your WLAN operating costs from 5-35% per year.  See how WLANs will change your network management, hear about the most important factors in managing WLANs, and discover how to most effectively manage mobile devices that use WLANs. Watch now!

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Plus, as an added bonus, you'll have the distinct opportunity to email the panel any questions you have regarding the information presented in this Webcast. Meet the panel now.

For your convenience, this Webcast is available to you 24 x 7 and is completely searchable by keyword for quick and easy information gathering. WLAN: not your trusted old Ethernet cable anymore. Get all the information you need to manage your WLAN infrastructure today. Go to:

Thank you and enjoy the program.

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