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Happy New Year! 2003 Advertising

Happy New Year!

Hope all is well. We never put anything together in '02, but I still have your contact info on file. Let's work towards something in '03 with ultra targeted banner and search engine clicks, lead generation, co-regs, stand-alone emails or other online marketing platforms that we offer. Let me know how I can help you generate more revenue in 2003.

As an incentive to earn your business, we will be doubling all email orders for new accounts.  If you buy a 1 million email send, we will send another 1 million for free.  If you buy a 5 million, you'll get 10 million, you get the picture.  By the way, don't forget to ask me about our CPA/Rev Share program.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Best for the New Year,

Joshua Harris 

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