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We buy used helicopters Schweizer 300C & EUROCOPTER 120B

Dear Sir,

We would like you represent Air Company “ PROMINTERSERVICE “. Since 1996 Air Company “ PROMINTERSERVICE “ engages in fast growing Ukrainian aviation market.The Air Company “ PROMINTERSERVICE “ is disposed at the international airport “Zjoulany Kiev“

The basic directions of activity are:

- Patrolling the power communications of Ukraine

- Patrolling of forests

-Air jobs on the program of ecological monitoring of an environment, including territories of nuclear power stations of Ukraine

- Air photo and video filming

- Sightseeing tours

- Flights on all of Ukraine

Now we have decided to change our flight machines (helicopters) to the following models of helicopters:  Schweizer 300C and  EUROCOPTER 120B.

We are interested in buying of used helicopters Schweizer 300C and EUROCOPTER 120B.

We will consider and respond all of yours offers, like nearly new helicopters, and as helicopters in the end of his flights resource.

Schweizer 300C


We would like to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with your company.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards.


Commercial representative in EU.

Mr. Roman Chepilko

E-mail: romchep@lycos.fr


Europe based phone : +32473216111

Europe based fax: +322 706 5399


NEW  specially  for US  partners !    USA based fax: +1-309-279-9555


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