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MedsPDA-launches fully automated downloadable medical PDA software catalog for healthcare websites

Just click on a favourite category and try all this software for free!.

Check out the best Medical PDA software catalogue on the Internet


MedsPDA.com has completed its medical PDA downloadable software catalogue making it the largest resource for medical Handheld users on the web.MedsPDA is the first company to fully automate downloadable medical PDA software.
Doctors,Nurses and Healthcare workers from all over the world are now trying our software for free and seeing a real benefit to their practice-
gaining a competitive edge,
improving their practice and knowledge base,
reducing paperwork,
spending more time with their outside interests and less stuck at the office.
MedsPDA explains the benefits of owning a Handheld in an easy to read format-imagine-no technical garbage. Trial all our software for free and buy it only if you're 100% satisfied!
Its also prize draw time at MedsPDA to celebrate the world's first fully automated downloadable medical software sale- we're giving away a state-of-the-art- Bluetooth compliant Handheld iPAQ computer. Please contact me jeniejolles@hotmail.com if you've any queries.


Jenni Jolles
Associate marketing on behalf of MedsPDA

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