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Re: Packaging mod_accel?

At 10:17 Uhr -0400 09.06.2002, Ian D. Stewart wrote:
On 2002.06.04 16:52 Christian Jaeger wrote:

I would like to run Debian's apache and apache-perl packages for this configuration.

You may want to consider using apache and libapache-mod-perl instead. It provides the mod_perl functionality as a DSO (Dynamic Shared Object), instead of being compliled directly into the server.

Well for a long time mod_perl has been known to be less stable as .so; it's also quite convenient to have the two packages in parallel since it's config and sysv init files are naturally kept separate this way.

In the meantime I've made a new patch for libmm support in the apache package. It also supports apache being started as non-root user, unlike an earlier attempt by David Kilzer (sending him a CC), which was considered harmful because of this (http://lists.debian.org/debian-apache/2002/debian-apache-200202/msg00007.html)). Please tell me if there's any interest (it would probably even be useful without mod_accel, since mod_ssl can make use of it too).

Then on the matter of mod_accel I've seen it's really not quite that easy to build it in a package. It patches stuff "right and left" (mod_proxy, mod_rewrite, mod_ssl, mod_charset if there, and a tiny patch to apache itself), and so also the libapache-mod-ssl and maybe even apache-perl (since it relies on apache-common) packages may have to be built with the patched sources. If people do mind making that big changes in those packages, maybe separate apache-accel, libapache-accel-mod-ssl (and even apache-accel-perl?) packages should be made so one can choose between those. If that's no option either, then the only way (short of maintaining debian packages privately) would seem to be a /usr/local install :(


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