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Dear Sir,

I  am a close confidant to the family of the late
President of the Federal Republic of Zaire, Late
President Mobutu 
Sese Seko,(now Republic of Congo,under the leadership
of Joseph 
Kabila, son of  Late Laurent Kabila). I presume you
are aware there is a financial dispute between the 
Mobutu family  and the present  Government of Joseph
Kabila of the Congo.This is based on what they believe
as bad and corrupt governance on the part of the Late
President Mobutu Sese Seko. May his soul rest in

Presently, I cannot do business in many countries of
the World openly because of the new  government of
Joseph Kabila of my country making propaganda that
puts the name of the Late President Mobutu Sese Seko
to disrepute in the eyes of the Western World. As you
might have read by now, a lot of  President Mobutu
bank accounts in Switzerland and North America have
since been frozen.
Following the above mentioned reasons, I am soliciting
for your confidential assistance to take custody of 
Twenty five Million United States
Dollar(US$25,000,000.00), also to front for me and the
Mobutu Family in the areas of business you desire 
profitable and see viable.This fund in question is
funds earned by myself and President Mobutu's family
from the sale of Timber while the Late President was
This sum of US$25M has secretly been deposited with a
Security Company in Europe where it can easily be
withdrawn or paid to a recommended beneficiary.
The funds will be released to you by the Security
Company based on my recommendations, on that note, you
will be presented as my partner who will be fronting
for me and the Mobutu family in any subsequent
To show my appreciation, I shall give you 20% of the
total funds and 20% commission on any profit realized
in the investment of this fund for your role in this
Please, I need your entire support and co-operation
for the success of this business ventures, your utmost
confidentiality and secrecy is highly required. 

I sincerely will appreciate your acknowledgement as
soon as possible.You can always contact me

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Katirimah

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