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Re: Running remote X apps

On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 04:54:05PM -0400, Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
> Hi,
> Sounds like you've checked everything I would, any reason not to use
> ssh which does automatic forwarding of X (well if it's config'ed to
> else "ssh -X <host>").
> Given the private numbers I'm assuming you trust the local net and
> wan't to avoid the encryption overhead, but seems worth a shot.
> -Jon

ssh is not an option as the hosts I actually need to use don't have ssh and
I am not an admin on all of them.  I have a SCO Open Server box that I need
to run a management console for a Headend on.  I have a few solaris boxen
that I would like to use as well.

I need to get tcp X connections working.  Hell I even delved down into
xauth man pages.  I was really hoping that would help.


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