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Re: File Manager for wmaker

I use dfm. It's very Mac-like (or OS/2 like but I don't know OS/2) and I like it (more than konqueror).

But NOTE: dfm still has a dangerous bug (I've once reported it to the author but maybe he hasn't got the report): If you have a file/folder in your *home* directory whose name begins with a '-', and then move it to a place that's on another partition, dfm uses i.e. "tar cf - -myfolder | (cd destdir ; tar xf -)" and since tar misinterprets the path as argument (and dfm doen't correctly detect the error :-() the thing will not be copied but deleted anyway :-(((... Apart from that, I've never had bad experiences.

dfm has another small bug in handling relative paths if you want to open another dir window from the command line. I've written a wrapper script that works around this. Tell me if you want it.


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