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ssh-agent and ssh-add not talking?

Howdy folks,

I recently upgraded from 2.1 where a compile-from-source install of Xfree86
4.0.1 was working fine to 2.2.  I used ssh-agent and ssh-add to store my
ssh keys for easy logging into remote hosts.  However, upon upgrading to
deb 2.2 I couldn't get X started with the old xinitrc (would startup, blink
the screen, then die without a warning of any kind)  So, a simple xinitrc
with just the name of my window manager did the trick.  Now, however, when
I type ssh-add (after starting ssh-agent), it complains that it "could not
open a connection to your authentication agent".

I don't suppose any one has any idea what has happened?  I never removed
the deb package install of xfree3.3.6 so these were replaced in the deb 2.2
upgrade, I just don't know what exactly it was that was replaced to cause
this problem.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


"If windows is the solution, can we have the problem back please?"

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