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Re: How to test HDD thoroughly? (Debian Linux "unstable" 2.2.16 kernel)


> I have a 486DX4/100 (kinda) running Debian Linux "unstable" 2.2.16 kernel..
> A week or two back it started misbehaving and I asked a few of you guys about
> the place about what "Unknown vector XXX in CPU#0" and "hda interrupt lost"
> meant..
> Some people said that it sounds like the hard disk is on the way out. What I
> want to know is, how do I test an ext2fs formatted hard disk more intensively
> than at just a filesystem level?
> The hard disk in question is a Fujitsu, 1GB or so.
> The IDE controller is a SiS.
> The motherboard is both PCI and ISA (strange as most 486s were ISA only or
> VLB - also - should it be edge or level detect for PCI settings??)
> If it is indeed the harddisk that has died, does anyone have any
> good-condition 1GB-8GB IDE drives? I don't think this old 486'll handle over
> 8GB, that and I'm not too crash hot on using some of that 'patch my bios on
> boot' master boot sector voodoo evil :)
> Any suggestions welcome
> Anthony
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