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Re: sunrpc on port 111 and domain on port 53

On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 12:01:50AM -0700, Aaron Brashears wrote:
> I'm making some efforts to tighten up security on my home server. I've
> been closing some services that I don't need, and after thinking I'd
> cleared everything out, I did an nmap scan of the box. Everything was
> as it should be except for sunrpc on port 111 and domain on port 53. I
> couldn't find any packages with dpkg -l which contained any part of
> that string. Plus, there is no whatis or man information.
> What are those services? What packages are they kept in?


I have exit 0 at the top, since I don't need it but some package(s)
insist on having it.

/bin/sh ~/.signature:
Command not found

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