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Re: ODP: Debian chicken (was: Article: Debian's Daunting Installation)

i think i missed the storm.  anyway, i read that article about Debian not
being user-friendly but who says user-friendliness is Debian's topmost
priority?  Randy should have read Debian's social contract first.  if anyone
wants a friendly Debian distro they should try Storm Linux.

my 2cents.

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> Mariusz.Przygodzki@WAW1.siemens.pl wrote:
> > This is list for debian users.
> Glad to hear it. I've been trying to get Linux installed for about 5
> and the only distribution I have looked at is Debian. Call me a masochist,
> I am lured by the idea of an OS that is rock-stable and easy to maintain
> update. If only it were easy to install, then Billy boy (not to mention
> and others) would all be looking for new jobs by now.
> FWIW, I've ordered the Debian 2.2 set of 6 CDs from
> and have arranged a wife-free week in November for my next attempt. Right
> I am in the preparatory stage of collecting as many hints, and as much
> encouragement as possible. You might think I should be looking at redhat,
> that's just your opinion. Most people on this list seem to think that
> is worth perservering with.
> The purpose of my post was to thank Randy for pointing me at a good
> and to make a serious suggestion about a t-shirt design. We geeks like
> t-shirts, and the fact that the Debian chicken is such a long-lived animal
> suggests to me that he deserves to be immortalized for posterity. If I
> draw, I wouldn't be asking for help here.
> --
> Best regards,
> Peter Hugosson-Miller
> "Bill Gates: The man who gave cream pies a good name."

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