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Re: Internet Stations

On Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 04:10:29PM -0500, Rogelio E. Castillo Haro wrote:
> Yes, I've heard about it, it's named Conquer or Conqueror, or something
> like that...but, since a discussion I heard about the License of KDE I'd
> prefer don't use it, and try only GPL programs... Thanks Tim.

It's Konqueror; it's in kdebase; the license issue has been cleared up.
(kde's always been gpl'd.  The issue was with its linking with formerly
gpl-incompatible libqt)


I kinda like skipstone (yet another mozembed or whatever it's called gtk+
based webbrowser), though I just got it yesterday.

Konqueror is pretty good I think.  My laptop is too slow to give a good
answer.  Not that skipstone seems to go any faster...

> >
> > tim

Pat Mahoney	<patmahoney@gmx.net>

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