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Re: Available Papers List

Well, presumably this is an uncaught bug.  paperconf -a should list all
of it's known papersizes.  paperconf -d should list the currently
selected one.  I imagine either the /usr/sbin/paperconfig script must
have a typo in it.  Both paperconfig and paperconf (first is for
setting, second is for reading) seem to work fine in woody.  paperconfig
is a shell script, so it's easy enough to send if you like.  paperconf
may be your real problem, since paperconfig calls it to get all of the
known paper types.  It's a binary however.  If more than one person is
having this problem on upgrade, then a bug should be posted against it
so the maintainer can fix it for the next potato update.

You might try 

$ dpkg --force-remove-essential --purge libpaperg 

followed by

$ dpkg -i libpaperg*.deb

DANGER: Careful with that --force stuff.

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