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R: net install of staroffice 5.2

hi sergio,
thank you for your answer

> One or two days ago I had the same problem.
> First I installed SO *without* the /net switch. It generated 

you mean you ran the so52-..-xx.bin file, right?

> two files in the home directory of every user that started 
> the setup program, the files being ".sversionrc" and ".user52.rdb".

uhm, i'm almost sure i've never found those 2 files you mention ..
but i'll check it.

> Having encountered the problem you mentioned, I removed all 
> of SO's installation
> (/usr/local/office52 in my case), as well as the mentioned files. 
> Then I installed it again with the /net switch. From that 
> moment on, every user could do a "workstation installation".
> To sum it up:
> 1) do a clean install with the /net switch

this is my problem .. how do i do this? the so52-..-xx.bin file doesn't
accept switch .. and after it's done, the setup script will not allow me
to use the net switch. how do you do this? using the bin file or the

i have the impression we don't have the same staroffice archive .. where
did you get yours?
> 2) remove any existing configuration files in the home 
> directories of the users
>    that tried to install SO
> 3) run setup as user
> I did this without looking at existing doc, so my explanation 
> may not be 100% accurate. If you do have another explanation 
> just tell me.
> Anyway, hope the above mentioned will help you. 
i hope so. the procedure you outline is exactly the procedure i followed
so51. but i can't do that with so52

i hope you don't mind if i cc the list, just in case somebody is interested
in this

thanks for your help

Marco Frattola (Pianificazione processi) - 
Cubecom S.p.A.
Via de Marini,1 3 piano Torre WTC
16149 GENOVA
tel. 010 6591184

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