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Re: newbe I do mean newbe

> Hi User!
> debian-mentors:
> | This list is for newbie maintainers who seek help with initial
> | packaging and other developer-related issues. Those who prefer
> | one-on-one help should also post to the list, and an experienced
> | developer will volunteer. This list is not meant for users
> | questions but for new maintainers.
> You probably wanted to ask on -user. Perhaps someone can help you
> there. I'm sending this mail there too, so -user can see it. Please
> sent your replies to -user.
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> On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, User 510 wrote: 
> > Help I just installed the debian corel linux on my old amdk6 500 on a
> > new maxtor 20 gig and have a few problems with the awe sound baster 16
> > no workie my boca external modem 3.36 slow I know but no workie and
> > my old 15' 640 x 480 monitor corel wont let me see the whole desktop
> > in the kde mode or the kde desktop wont reconize the size of my monitor
> > it is very frustrating that I cant use or learn linux beacuse I cant
> > see half the screen I was able to get the display settings to 640x480
> > but still cant see the bottom half of the desktop and yes I have tried
> > resizing but when you resize it cuts the bottom half off any
> > suggestions??
> > please help 
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> 					peter
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	1. sound baster 16: 
Have you tried to get it to work as root? If it does work for root then I 
would suspect permissions.
	2. boca external modem 33.6:
I guess it is working under MS Win so there is no cable problems. What do you 
mean by "not working" - have you tried to connect to the Internet and it did 
not work? Have you tried it with minicom?
Are you sure this is not an IRQ problem? Does the output of
	setserial -ga /dev/ttyS*
make sense? 

	3. display problems:
Which is your video card? How did you configured X? You might email your 

	4. Did I missed something?

BTW: Since potato has just been released I am not sure if this is a good idea 
to mess with Corel Linux.
	--  Shaul Karl <shaulk@israsrv.net.il>

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