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Seriously screwed up PostgreSQL. 8-(

Hey all.
I tried to install PostgreSQL (apt-get install postgresql), but I happened to think about it at the same time that Potato was released, so most of my downloads failed. This wouldn't have been a problem, except that I kept trying, and so I seem to have screwed up the install. I never had 2.1 installed (and so wouldn't need postgresql-slink), but after a while it started to recommend it, and during the install said that my database that was installed didn't match the current database, and so needed to be upgraded. I didn't have a database installed (at least not one that I could access).

Is there any way for me to completely remove all references to postgresql from my system, and then do a completely clean apt-get install postgresql (and the other tools, -contrib, -client, -doc), and have it actually work? I'm nervous that, in my blind fumbling, I've gone and completely screwed up something.

Thanks for any help!
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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