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Re: Is Debian Linux 2.2 available in San Jose, Cal.

If you want a commercial  distro with pure debian 2.2 (potato with 2.2.16,
helix-gnome, etc), then you need to go to www.stormix.com Installation is
VERY smooth and it comes with some nice add on features like a gui package
manager and administration system (you don't know how hard it is for me to
say that as a Corel stockholder :) Anyway, it took about 4 working days for
me to get it delivered.

Charles Lewis

>      Since the Linux conference is running in our area this week, I
> thought someone or some
>  resource would be available locally to purchase an update CD.  2.1
> didn't get the job done
>  but I'm told 2.2 should do the job.  However maybe I should just jump
> to Corel - Not a
>  threat, please don't consider it as such - an idea that might get me on
> Linux soon.  If any-
>  one has a lead on Debian 2.2 for cash in the area please forward a
> note. Ed
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