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Re: more on syslogd & remote logging

On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 10:45:59PM -0700, nate@firetrail.com wrote
> ok, i got syslogd working it is recieving log entries from my router, now
> im curious how i would redirect those to a dedicated file? i tried various
> things in /etc/syslog.conf and the log file is empty still. I'd like to
> redirect everything from to /var/log/dsl.log
> sample log entries:
> Aug  2 15:26:25 000:23:31:30 ATM        Info       Wan0 Up, 640
> Kbps Down, 544 Kbps Up, 340 Baud^M 
> Aug  2 15:26:25 000:23:31:30 ATM        Info       Wan0 Up*,
> +11.3 dB TX Power, +18.7 dB Rem TX Power, 42 dB RX Gain, No Change
> Margin^M 
> Aug  2 15:26:25 000:23:31:30 PPP        Info       PPP Up Event
> on wan0-0^M 
> Aug  2 15:26:25 000:23:31:30 ATM        Info       Wan0 Up*, 23
> dB Line Quality^M 
> Aug  2 15:26:40 000:23:31:45 SERIAL     Info       Serial
> Connection Timeout^M 
> Aug  2 15:28:05 000:23:33:10 PPP        Info       PPP Down
> Event on wan0-0^M 
> any ideas ??

Use /etc/syslog.conf to control where logging goes.
This allows you to specify things by facility and priority.

Your router should allow you specify the syslog facility used
for messages, probably with a config statement like
logging facility local3

if it's a Cisco (it's on the documentation CD which you should have).

Edit /etc/syslog.conf to add a line like this:

local3.*  -/var/log/dsl.log

If you want quick console access to the messages and aren't 
too fussed about other peopel seeing them, you can also 
use a line like
local3.*  /dev/tty12

to direct them to an unused vt as well.

You may also want to add local3.none to some of the other lines, if
they use a wildcard for the facility and you don't want those lines
to catch messages from your router.

Then run
# /etc/init.d/sysklogd reload

and tell your router to use syslog facility local3 (or whatever you

John P.
http://www.mdt.net.au/~john Debian Linux admin & support:technical services

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