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Re: noise from monitor, HELP!


I have a 17" 'emachines' monitor. It was making some pretty heavy
noise too when I first fired up x after running XF86Setup.  I don't know
why but in windoz it was quiet but x was giving it grief.. I finally tweaked
the settings and cured the noise (Think I increased the res)..   I'm sure
it's probably unrelated, but I recall seeing upgrades to x the last two
times I ran the 'apt-get update/upgrade' so perhaps you need to
tweak things on ur end... Just a thought.

Good luck

On Tue, 01 Aug 2000, Ron Farrer wrote:
> I've been running Debian for years and my monitor (20" IBM P200) has
> been working fine with it's current setting for months. Now all of a
> sudden I get a VERY high pitched noise from it when in X. It does not do
> this on the console! It has become more and more frequent and is
> starting to drive me nuts (well more then usual :) I know it's the
> monitor because I can turn it off while it's doing it and the noise
> stops. Does anyone know what the problem might be? 
> FYI I am running potato using a Matrox Mill. (original) with 8MB memory 
> @ 1024 x 768. 
> TIA,
> Ron
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