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Request Assistance

     Dear Sir/Madam:
     I have found your contact information in connection with an INTERNET 
     search for "SM56" or "Motorola" or "ccmail".
     I am seeking assistance on installation of a Motorola SM56 PCI 
     Speakerphone Modem and having it function properly with cc:Mail 
     version 6.23.
     The modem installed properly under Windows 98.  It uses a PCI slot and 
     shows up on COM PORT 2. I can use it successfully with the supplied 
     Bitware fax communication package.  It works some of the time with my 
     ISP (phone lines are very poor quality in my area).
     But, I cannot get the modem to talk to Ccmail. Specifically, this 
     means that Ccmail will not even recognise a modem on COM PORT 2. 
     There is no specific Ccmail modem (.mdm) file for this modem.  All 
     the other 22 Motorola .mdm files will not work. (I'm not very adept 
     at writing my own modem file).
     Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Please reply to:
     Thank You.

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