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Re: Netatalk works/doesn't work

On 20/11/99 Alisdair McDiarmid wrote:

Starting Appletalk Daemons (this will take a while):socket: Invalid argument
socket: Invalid argument
atalkd: can't get interfaces, exiting.
atalkd afpd papd.

This causes the Mac on the network to fail to see the server in
Chooser (typing the IP address works okay). Bizarrely, the 486

doesn't have this problem, boots up cleanly and is seen in

What could be causing this problem? I don't even understand the
error message, nevermind how to fix it.

sounds like AppleTalk is not compiled in your kernel (or the module is not being loaded) Mac Chooser will only see a server automatically if the server is using appletalk, so you can either reconfigure netatalk to not use appletalk at all getting rid of the error, or you can make sure Appletalk is either compiled into your kernel or being loaded as a module before netatalk loads.

personally I would ditch appletalk and make the server TCP/IP only, but if you have stubborn mac users who won't type a IP address then this may not be an option..

Best Regards,
Ethan Benson
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