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Re: [Fwd: Re: InterScan Virus Alert]

Quoting T.V.Gnanasekaran (gnana@lanminds.com):
> Ya, true. I saw happy99.exe virus just now. But why anyone would use
> windoze to send mails? what is this interscan anyway?

What an odd question. When I started using linux, I sent/received
all my emails via Pine running on W3.1 using IMAP on a Sun.
I certainly wasn't going to trust my emails to a system I knew
little of.

One of my first experiences of Pine/linux (when Debian still
distributed binary .debs) was massive corruption of mailfiles
through what I can only suppose was file-locking failure. (To
be fair, I think it was IMAP's fault.)

I use mutt now, but I still compile it for the Sun to avoid IMAP.


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