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Re: What to do with a tape drive?

in summary:

# tar czvf - * > /dev/sct0 

Should work.

The easiest way to do incremental backups is to use a prewritten package.
I used 'tob' for a while, and it worked fine, although you may have to spend
an hour or two configuring it the first time.

If you have relatively little data, why not just run a full backup each time?
They are much simpler to restore.

Also, you really need to investigate afio if you are serious about backups.
While tar is great for making archives to be distributed over the net, 
afio is better at making backup archives (its more robust in the case of 
tape media failure).  

If anyone knows of a good place for general (i.e. not ftape specific)
backup info, please let me or the list know.  The ftape howto does have some 
stuff, but spends a lot of time talking about floppy tape issues, which go away
when you use scsi tapes.


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