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Re: OT: CD-R suggestions

On Mon, Mar 15, 1999 at 12:46:13PM -0600, Ian Keith Setford wrote:
> I'm looking for input on what kind of CD-R to buy.  It will be a SCSI
> version with a 4x-6x write rate.  It can have RW ability but I don't plan
> on using that.  What brands should I strive for and which ones should I
> stay away from?  It is going into a data-bank so an internal model is
> fine.

I have a Plextor PlexWriter 4x12 internal SCSI burner (read/write only,
i.e. not re-writeable).  It works perfectly with cdrecord, and I have 
not had ANY problems with it.  I would buy one again if this one was


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