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Re: strange modem behaviour

Quoting Lukas Eppler (godot@fear.ch):
> When using my modem by ppp, everything works fine, always. But when
> trying to dial with the following script (which I plan to use out of
> a database), it sometimes hangs at the stty command. I have a Laptop
> using a ClipperCom World V.34 PCMCIA Modem. Removing it and
> reinserting does not solve the problem. I am not sure if the ppp
> command shuts down the possibility to access it. With minicom I can
> talk to the modem even when the dial script here is not working
> anymore. It has nothing to do with blacklisting.
> Any hints?
> #!/bin/bash
> stty 115200 </dev/modem

I'm not familiar with pcmcia modems, but is /dev/modem a symlink to
something else like /dev/ttyS1 ? If so, I'd remove it and edit your
configuration files to use the real name of the device. Otherwise
you may have problems with file-locking.


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