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Re: Greenbush

That was in April...
And I'm still waiting for ...11 PAID editions of Debian :-((

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Yes, you have 11 issues coming to you. I will send one right away.


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>>>>>> "PW" == paulwade  <paulwade@greenbush.com> writes:

 PW> I'm glad it works well. When exactly did it arrive? I'm hoping to have
 PW> 1.3.1 ready this weekend. The big thing about it is supposed to be the 3.3
 PW> X servers.

That has been more 1/2 year now! (July 1997)

I've paid for 12 editions. Until now I've only got ONE! I don't want to go on
debian-user and complaint lowdly but... 9 months are long!

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Linh Dang

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