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Error when booting

I mistakenly sent the following to one person when I meant to send it to the
list.  To Oliver, sorry that you have to read this twice.
--------Message Follows:
I did that and I it still won't boot from the hard drive.  I think these
type of problems is what made me give up Linux last year when I tried.  I am
determined to not let my ignorance get in the way this time.  Have any other
suggestions.  I am beginning to consider reinstalling the base system again
but this is the 4th time I have installed the base so I am assuming that it
is something I am not doing right during the install.  The computer is an
AMD 586-75 running at 100mhz, 32MB of mem, ISA only motherboard with Award
4.50 BIOS, Cirrus Logic 5426 VL-Bus video card, a NE-2000 net card and a i/o
board, the hard drive is a Conner 540 MB.  Right now it connected to the
network at work, but if I can get it to work, I plan on bringing it home to
create a network of 4 other computer to dial in to the internet and provide
some protection for 2 windoze computers.  Thanks in advance for anyone who
can help with this problem.  I have read the man pages for lilo,
experimented with different settings in lilo.conf and I have read through
all of the FAQ's at www.debian.org and www.linux.org.


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Coker College Hartsville, SC  USA
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