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Re: securing debian

> But you don't have to give root access to your brother.  Sudo lets you
> set up access by username, in the /etc/sudoers file.  i.e., on my
> system:
>     # User privilege specification
>     root	ALL=(ALL) ALL
>     blp     ALL=(ALL) ALL
> So no one but root, blp can take advantage of sudo, and anyone else
> who tries will get a message logged in syslog saying that they tried.

nice,so in my system,i could have only

# User privilege specification
alain	ALL=(ALL) ALL

to allow root access only to myself ???
and also,to block access to my account from anywhere except the console,is
there some information available on how to do it (basically,i would only
allow loging in my system from the console and not anywhere else).

thanks a lot for your help.

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