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Private network goes down when outside network goes down.

I have an agonizing problem that I hope someone can help me solve.

I have an old 486SX-25 that acts as a ipmasqing machine.  My cable modem
plugs into it, and then I have an internal network on the 192.168.1.*
private network space.  Behind this machine I have a Win98 box and an
OpenBSD box that really on this 486 for my personal file areas, mounted via
samba and nfs.

The cable modem seems to lose its connection every few days for up to an
hour at a time.  And when the cable modem goes down (eth0) my internal
network goes down to (eth1).  I can't telnet to the 486 or see any of the
filesystems mounted via it.  If the cable modem comes back online before
DHCP quits, I can get back in.  But if the cable modem goes down for around
an hour, dhcp quits and my internal network doesn't come back online, and I
have to hit the reset button on the 486 to get everything back online.  The
486 has no monitor or keyboard, therefore without telnet access to restart
dhcp / re-enable eth0, my only choice is a hard reboot.

Is there a solution to my internal network going down.  The cable going down
as often as it does doesn't really bother me, its just that the internal
network does to.  I can still ping the 486, but thats as far as access to it

Thanks for hints into a solution.


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