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RE: Utility needed

We have a similar problem.  What we did was send a marker file after the
one with data in it.  If the marker file is there, the file is finished.
If using ftp it would be something like

	ftp -n somehost
	user username password
	cd theplaceyouwant
	put file.ps
      put file.done	<- 0 length or just "\n"

Do something similar with cp commands if you use nfs.  You can just use
shell scripts to pick up the stuff on the receiving end.

This problem is quite common and there are several other ways to attack it.
Using "lock" files is another way.  These procedural methods are a bit messy
but they don't require root privilege.


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Have need of a utility for Solaris 2.x.
Situation is as follows.

Sun is fileserver for many Mac users.  The users app will produce both
large .txt and printable .ps files.
The ps files may exceed 300mb.  The need is to put files on Sun, mv the
txt files to another
directory, and print the ps files. After print, remove the ps files.
The key is in determining when
the file transfer TO the Sun server is complete so the above actions can
take place.  Do not want
to mv or print files that are in a state of growing.  Because by nature
Mac network protocols are slow,
and these files are large, and there could be many users active at one
time, can not use a
time mechanism to list files, wait x minutes etc, then perform the
operations.  Need utility that
knows the actual state of the file.  When properly closed and not being
accessed, script continues and performs the above move and print
Know of any such utility to monitor the file state before action is
on the files in question?


Bob Panther

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