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Re: Problems with AccelX4.1 / Debian 2.0 [frozen]

On Wed, Apr 01, 1998 at 03:02:13PM -0500, Vaibhav Goel wrote:
> Hello;
> I had Debian 2.0 frozen running just fine with XFree and my ATI Mach64
> card.  I recently purchased a Diamond FireGL1000Pro card and AccelX 4.1
> which supports this card.  Upon doing a "Minimal Install" of AccelX,
> I cannot run X at all.  When I type startx, I get some "symbol not
> found" errors.  Unfortunately, I am not at home so I cannot list
> the exact errors (will do so later), but I wonder if anyone has
> encountered these problems or know of a possible solution.  My suspicion
> is that it is libc6 related or something.

Well I didn't actually test this, but you could try to just install the
server and config program, and nothing else.  The server itself runs fine in
hamm, but the xinit and xdm included with it are the ones that complain
about unresolved symbols, so I suggest trying to use the xinit that comes
with debian..

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