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Re:PPP Connection Works, Can't Surf...

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At 09:52 -0600 on 12/31/97, G. H. wrote:

> Well thanks to Tim, I was able to get my PPP server up an running...
> One final problem, then I'm out of everyone's hair! ;)
> I can logon to the Debian box with WIN95, no problems... Debian assigns
> the WIN95 an IP address, no problems.
> BUT, the WIN95 machine isn't able to use DNS lookup or ping other
> computers here in the lab or anywhere.  The only thing it CAN do however
> is talk to the Debian box.. I can telnet, ftp, http, and everything JUST
> to the Debian Box which is the PPP server.
> And to further confuse the subject, Debian is working normally on the
> network.  It can DNS, ftp, http.. you name it, to anywhere, intra and
> Internet...

I had this problem and solved it by compiling the kernel with the
CONFIG_IP_FORWARD option turned on.


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