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Installing Debian and setting up PCMCIA E-net

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to install Debian after having Redhat installed on my system. 
I've gone through the install, but I'm confused as to how I can make my 
ethernet card work. The card is a PCMCIA 3-com 3c589a. It doesn't seem as 
if there's any driver for it in the installer, and as far as using a 
module to do it, I'm not real sure what to do.

When I try to install the PCMCIA packages (pcmcia-cs and the modules) the 
modules tell me that the version of cs is too new, and cs tells me that 
there are first: no modules, and second: that there are no PCMCIA devices 
in /proc/devices.

Would appreciate any help regarding how I can make this work.


-Asher Haig

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