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weird X problem

I've an interesting X problem and I'm out of ideas.
Any help much appreciated, TIA.

Problem: I install any xlib-3.3-[ > 5 ] (running hamm)
and I can't startx as a user.  I can if I specify full
path to server (i.e. startx -- /usr/X11R6/bin/X) but
then X apps won't start saying "connection to server 

Sounds like permissions to me but I can't work out where/which.
I diffed the contents of xlib6-3.3-5 and -7 debs, diffed
contents of /usr/X11R6 before and after xlib6 upgrade, checked
setuid bit on X and nothing looks wrong to me.  Yet downgrading
xlib6 to 3.3-5 fixes it.


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